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First record on Shearon Harris

The 2017 Piedmont Bass Classics $10,000 Spring Team Bass Trail Qualifier #1 at Shearon Harris made history!! Along with a great crowd of 89 boats, the 1st Place Team of Bonnie & Shane Burns caught 5 bass weighing aunreal whopping total of 41.90 lbs!!! That now holds the 5 fish total weight record for the Piedmont Bass Classics!The weather was typical for March with air temps 27 degrees in the am on up to 57 in the pm. Water tempsaveraged about 58 degrees. Winds were light and variable. All in all, a beautiful day! Harris can turn on & off in a second, but today it was turned on!!! Spring fishing is just about to explode!! Bonnie & Shane Burns, like I said, overwhelmed the field weighing in 5 bass at 41.90 lbs. and also caught the 2nd place Big Fish (9.56 lbs.) for a total of $1,986 in winnings. The team found 2 areas in deep water early on and theywere loaded with some huge bass!!! Word was, they culled 3 over 7 lbs.!!!Vern Fleming & Mike Dinterman took 2nd place with 5 fish weighing 29.59 lbs. They also won 1st Place TWT for a grand total of $2,330. 3rd Place Team, Greyson Barefoot & Aaron Johnson, had 5

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